How Bad Can It Be If There’s A Pony To Snuggle? [Clinics Series]

I have always loved horses.  I started riding around the same time I first wanted to be a veterinarian, and while I don't remember my exact motivations, I can't help but believe there was probably more than just correlation between the two.  Although I came to the conclusion during my first year of vet school … Continue reading How Bad Can It Be If There’s A Pony To Snuggle? [Clinics Series]

Gimme Some Fin [Clinics Series]

After a whirlwind of returning from New Zealand (a 16 hour time difference), flying up and back to New Jersey for a wedding, then driving three hours to get out to the coast, I was definitely ready for the somewhat slower pace of spending two weeks at the beach, learning about the medicine and husbandry … Continue reading Gimme Some Fin [Clinics Series]

I’m Not on Vacation, I’m at a CONFERENCE [Clinics Series]

Block 6 of my clinical year in vet school is an odd one to describe, because I simultaneously did very little clinical medicine and did (potentially) a whole lot to advance my career. First of all, if such a thing existed, I would be a card-carrying conference junkie. Counting them out, I've attended sixteen conferences … Continue reading I’m Not on Vacation, I’m at a CONFERENCE [Clinics Series]

I AM the Emergency [Clinics Series]

The small animal emergency rotation is split into two shifts: daytime shift (aka triage) and nighttime shift (aka ER). For each shift, there are designated "receiving hours" during which incoming patients are assigned to a student on the shift. From there, patients may be treated immediately, temporarily housed in the ER while awaiting diagnostics, or … Continue reading I AM the Emergency [Clinics Series]