Clinics Series

What’s it like to be a vet student during clinical year?  Visit the pages below to experience the block-by-block breakdown of the highs and lows before I take on the world as a veterinarian!

Block 1: Keep Breathing!

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of people to start off the year than the Anesthesia service.  Bonus: Check out the time I marveled at how we’re actually wizards and medicine is totally magic

Blocks 2 & 3: A Student on Exhibit

I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in so many externships (short term internships) during vet school! This first one was at the Omaha Zoo and I had the best time playing zoo vet with some phenomenal intern-mates.

Block 4: Common Torture in Vet School

Sometimes rotations are amazing because you get to work with lovable patients or because you have incredible instructors, and sometimes they’re amazing because you get to go home at 2pm and enjoy the gift of spare time.

Block 5: I Am the Emergency

As it turns out, I don’t handle 100-hour-work-weeks very well. This post gets personal, and I’m proud to be a part of the conversation surrounding mental health in the veterinary profession.

Block 6: I’m Not on Vacation, I’m at a CONFERENCE

At conferences, I meet inspiring people, reconnect with friends, attend engaging lectures and labs, present research, and win awards.  At the very least I can say they’re a vacation from the ordinary!

Blocks 7 & 8: Learning to be a Kiwi

What better place to practice dairy medicine than New Zealand!

Block 9: Gimme Some Fin

We are the only vet school in the country with a clinical rotation focused specifically on sea turtle medicine!

Block 10: How Bad Can It Be If There’s A Pony To Snuggle?

If you’ve ever snuggled a horse’s nose, you know everything you need to about how much I enjoyed my two week block on equine medicine.

Blocks 11 & 12: Zoo Living, pt 2

I love the North Carolina Zoo, and I loved my time working with their veterinary team.

Block 13: A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure

Small animal soft tissue surgery had an abnormally “slow” time during my rotation (i.e. we only worked 60-hour-weeks), but our caseload was more than enough for me to learn a ton!

Block 14: Why Are You Here If You’re On Vacation?

Vacation has a weird definition in vet school. Is it normal to use your vacation block to conduct two research projects and run your first half marathon?

Blocks 15 & 16: It’s What’s Inside That Counts

This double block hosted the infamous internal medicine rotation. So many early mornings, so many memorable patients, so much more prepared to be a doctor now!

Block 17: What Ophthalmology Taught Me About Expectations

If you hear over and over again that you’ll face turmoil when you enter the lions’ den, how do you manage your expectations to fairly judge the lions?

Block 18: How To Tell If An Ocelot Is Pregnant

Sadly, peeing on a stick won’t help you.  Instead, I spent two weeks at the Cincinnati Zoo analyzing poop.  It was a dream come true!

Block 19: How Two Weeks of Necropsy Reminded Me to Be Thankful

Sometimes we’re looking for what we want and instead we find what we need.

Block 20: A Bird’s-Eye View of the Best and Worst of Humanity

Raptors rock, and sometimes people do too.

Block 21: Why I Won’t Ever Be A Cardiologist

I loved the cardiology service, but I don’t want to do what they do.

Block 22: The Thrilling Reality In Which I Will Be A Doctor Very, Very Soon

My two week externship at a phenomenal small animal practice in Connecticut, at which point graduation started to look incredibly close!

Block 23: Making Babies, Vet School Style

Foals are the cutest, and everyone loves puppy breath!

Block 24: Counting Shades of Gray

Back to the classroom for two weeks of studying in the dark, but we came out on the other side ready to be doctors!

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