You Show Me [Your Idea], I’ll Show You Mine (or Why I Love Conferences)

I picture people carrying little idea nuggets around in their pockets and pulling them out to share whenever they run into someone who might be interested. Fortunately for me (and the progress of society), a whole heck of a lot of these passionate, enthusiastic people show up at conferences, ready to change the world.

The conference I just attended was the Student American Veterinary Medical Association Symposium, although my statement stands for just about every conference I’ve attended.  Here’s a rough transcript of approximately every conversation that happens:

Person 1: Hey! Look at this idea I have.
Person 2: Woah, that’s so cool! What if we also added this to it?
Person 1: That makes it even better!
Person 2: You know, Person 3 had something to say related to this too, let’s go see what they think!
Person 1: Hooray!

Notice all the exclamation points. I truly feel that my last week was just a series of exclamation points colliding in my brain – no wonder my introverted side is exhausted.  We run around all day long, playing glitter-covered inspiration bumper-cars – the more we bump into each other, the more the glitter spreads everywhere.

Can you blame me for wanting to never let this go?  I’m so proud to be a part of veterinary medicine and I’m exceedingly excited to see where we go!


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