Biking Around in the Netherlands (with pictures!)

After a shift in scheduling at the lab (in other words, I squeaky-wheeled my way into getting more people to help with the ponies), I unexpectedly found myself with two extra hours of time in the evening.  On a whim, I decided to go for a bike ride in an effort to accidentally find the grocery store.  I succeeded, but I also found beautiful fields, forests, and streams within incredibly easy reach of my room.  I decided that, over the next several weeks, I would embark on short bike rides to more thoroughly explore my immediate surroundings.  This post chronicles my trips.

The first image I’ve included is a picture of my path to accidentally finding the grocery store.  Throughout the Netherlands, there are very helpful signs, as shown in the second picture.  I had been told that the grocery store was in Bunnik, so everytime I came up to a biking sign, I followed the arrow that pointed toward Bunnik and voila!  Grocery store.  This provided the inspiration for further bicycling adventures, since I decided I would just keep following the arrows.

The next three pictures are of a short trip down a bike path and back past the equine clinic fields.  These are primarily dedicated bike paths I’m taking, although some of them (as in picture 4) are used by cars to access the few houses/farms located along the path.

On another day, I followed the arrows to Zeist, which is where several of my coworkers live.  The town itself was pretty dead (it was a weekday, after all), but I found a few lovely parks and hit what I considered to be the jackpot when I discovered a path back to De Uithof (where I’m staying) that was different than the path I took there.  I constantly marvel at the tree-lined roads and bike paths here.  It’s not like in America where every now and then someone thinks it would be nice to put in a few trees.  It seems to be that trees on either side of the road is more or less seen as required.  These big trees that make for very nice, shady rides.  My final discovery of the evening was to round the corner out of the trees and discover a huge field.  The diversity of settings fascinates me.

The last five pictures are from a bike ride I took with my American classmate who is also doing research at Utrecht this summer.  We followed a meandering path into the woods and came across a pancake house!  We had actually both been told about this venue by our coworkers, but neither of us had seen it.  We continued on past some fields, several of which contain old war bunkers alongside their cattle.  Finally, we found a cool shot looking back on the buildings that we’ve called home for a few short months.

Tot ziens! (See you later!)



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